Seriously Easy Ways to Unleash Your Creative Energy


Even though the concept of once excessively talked about things gradually fade, industries are still rife with the talk of creativity. It has been this way for quite a while now, and for good reason. The hype surrounding creativity is anything but unnecessary. Our businesses could get an edge over the rest if we come up with more innovative solutions. However, sometimes it is quite challenging to let our imagination run free, especially when our minds are burdened with so many other thoughts. So, if unlocking your creative side is the need of the hour but you find yourself stuck in a rut then here are a few, seriously easy ways to spark your creativity.

1.      Limit yourself

Studies have shown that people come up with the most amazing and interesting workarounds when their resources are limited, even if the restriction is self-imposed. Think about the article you wrote when you were allowed to write merely 600 words, instead of your usual 1000 words.

Restrictions allow you to think outside of the box, enabling you to make the best use of ideas already at hand.

2.      Disconnect yourself with the problem

Research shows that the more relatable a problem is to you, the harder it is for you to come up with ideas to tackle it. So, one way to go about it, is to psychologically distance yourself from the issue. This in turn will enable you to overcome your creative block, resulting into more creative outcomes.

3.      Spend time writing

Even if writing is not your strongest suit, take out time to pen down your ideas. Having it all written down on paper will help you at least get somewhere. Not only will you be able to store your current ideas, you will also be able to generate new ones during this process.

4.      Create a dream journal

This idea might seem questionable, but research shows that dreams are an amalgamation of our creativity. Keeping a track of your dreams will give your mind fodder to chew on and create something. Based on the diversity of dreams, you can stay ensured that you will end up creating something absolutely unheard of. Even if the first idea doesn’t work out, something definitely will stand out.

5.      Go on an adventure

Travel does things to your mind no level of concentration can achieve. Not only is it conducive to learning, it refreshes you putting you in a completely positive mood which is they key ingredient to unlocking your creative side.

If traveling internationally is out of the question for you, then worry not because domestic travels can also help you immensely.