Ideas to Reuse Tires That You Cannot Miss


We all know the main use of tires or wheels. But when they are no longer fit for their main use, there are many useful uses to give them. Today we are going to show you.

Uses for playgrounds


One of its uses is to turn the tire into a swing, adding ropes or chains. In fact, many of us surely have ridden one in our childhood in playgrounds.

You can not only make swings with them, but you can also make seesaws, using half the tire and adding a wooden plank. Applying a preferable color will make it look great.


Make stairs by joining several tires, so the children will exercise and have a great time. Place them vertically, or on a sandy slope or even with ropes in the shape of a tent.

Outdoors it is also used on slopes like stairs to avoid slipping, especially if the terrain is sandy.

Another idea to reuse tires is to make a shelter by placing several towers of joined tires and placing a door and a roof.


With the wheels of the trucks, create a gorgeous sandbox, placing sand inside.

Add an umbrella to avoid direct exposure to the sun, protecting little ones. Also, you can shred the tires and place them on the ground to give more protection to the children.

For home decoration

Use tires for home decoration. For example, you can make a magazine rack with half a tire. Add some legs, or intertwine strips, so you will give it a personal touch and it will be something more elaborate.

We know that both exterior and interior decoration is usually done with plants. So, using tires as flower pots in different colors and sizes is a great idea. Place them vertically or horizontally. You can even use different colored tires lining the walls.

Outside the house, put a nice doormat made of strips of braided tires, customizing it with the colors you want.

When you think of tires, the first image that comes to your mind is the one used in cars, but you can also recycle tires of bicycles. If you paint it, you can place it as a mirror frame or photo frame.

Another of the uses that you can give the tire is as an umbrella stand, making small holes in the lower part and larger ones in the upper part, in order to place them better.

The use that you will be very grateful for, is placing in garages. Put them both on the columns and on the back wall to avoid hitting cars. Or use pieces of tires in order to adapt them to the areas where they will be used.

More ideas for reusing tires

Your pets can take advantage of tires too. If you place a cushion inside and give them color, you will have an easy-to-make bed for your dogs or cats.

You can even make a belt, cutting a strip, placing a buckle on one end, and making holes at the other end.

For carnivals,  you can use the tires to make a costume, using strips and giving them the desired shape.

Ideas for recycling tires abroad

With tires, make innovative furniture. Tables are the most common thing that we have probably seen. By placing a glass or wood you already have a table, being able to place legs or more tires will give it more height. Combine some stools, using several tires and a bar to join them.

Make chairs by adding threads or ropes and woods both to make the armrests or the backrest. If you set several tires side by side, you have a sofa. Its size will depend on the number of tires you use.

All these ideas to reuse tires can be personalized to your liking. paint them, and add ornaments according to your decoration and preferences.